Thursday, May 28, 2015

The New Western Home

When I started this blog it was called Western Warmth (you can still get to it at that address).  Because for years I wanted a business named that.  I was fascinated with western design in homes and also quilting.  I wanted to use in some way for western quilts - or home decorating?  It doesn't look like that will happen, but I still love both things.

I've gotten lots of searches for contemporary western design ideas so I thought I'd compile some of my favorites here.  Western design has been pretty timeless although some details change over the years.

What I am finding (or maybe I'm just more drawn to it) is the western accents are more subtle.  An otherwise sparse room with clean lines given a few rustic touches or hints of the west as seen in this landing and staircase above.

I love me some contrast.  Sparse with west.  Modern shine with west -  as seen here.  The mix of old and new is like a musical harmony to me.

Rustic Bedroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Peace Design

And don't forget the outdoors!  I've seen a lot more western looks, like with log swings and rusty hardware, but I thought this was a subtle look from the pillows paired with a nice landscaping feature you'd see in any suburban backyard.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gluten Free Strawberry Cream Crepes

This is a recipe created by my daughter who lives bravely with Celiac disease.  It has been a struggle sometimes, but she has been independent enough to really try some new things and cook what sounds good to her.

For this recipe we used the GF flour blend found at Costco.  I'm guessing it would work with any GF flour blend.


Blend in blender:

1 1/2 C milk
3 eggs
2 T melted butter
3/4 C flour blend
2 T sugar
dash salt

Melt some butter on a pan or electric skillet.  Pour the thin batter onto the hot pan and lift and rotate the pan to make a very thin coating.  This will cook through quickly and then you can flip to lightly brown the other side.  The crepe making part goes quickly!


1 package of cream cheese
1 C heavy whipping cream
1 C powdered sugar

Whip the filling together in a mixer with the whisk attachment.  Put a little filling in each crepe along with fresh sliced strawberries.  Then decorate the filled crepe with the filling and strawberry slices on the top too.

****Note:  We also like to make this recipe for the rest of the family with regular all-purpose flour but it takes more.  Double the flour to 1 1/4 C.  The gluten-free crepes tear a little easier than the regular ones, but still taste great.  This makes a fun family treat.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Unique Bathroom Mirrors

Our downstairs bathroom is still mirrorless.  Which hasn't been much of a problem.  But eventually I want our house to be a little more "done" and adding a mirror above the sink is part of that.  I have an idea in mind of a white framed mirror, either oval or rectangular shaped, but I have yet to find what I am looking for in a home improvement store.

I scoured houzz for ideas and here is what I found.  What would you pick?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tom and Chee Omaha

Okay, I'm kinda liking my "job" when it involves going out to eat with friends and then giving away free stuff to you!  Just this last year I've been discovering all the great things about living in Omaha and even better restaurants that are making their way here.  A local family that lives right down the road from me called to get a Tom and Chee franchise within days of seeing it on Shark Tank.

And they kindly opened it nice and close (if you are in Omaha, its at 144 & Maple in front of Lowe's).  I've watched a few episodes of Shark Tank but I hadn't seen this one, so I was glad they invited me in to see what it was all about.

these are our local owners - seriously nice people

My local blogging friends had given me hints about this place and that the focus was on grilled cheese donuts.  So I was expecting greasy, indulgent state fair food.  I think that's why this restaurant review experience really blew me away.  I am picky about my ingredients and I don't like fake (fake butter, fake cheese, etc.).  They make everything homemade.  They have no fryers or freezers. They make their own CHEESES!  No joke.  And the cheese and light vinaigrette on this salad sung with flavor.  It was such a fresh salad I would go just for that if I had a salad craving.

Their specialty, though, is grilled cheese.  The best part about this (for me) is all the things you can add on...from freshly roasted chicken to hummus, to veggies of all kinds -- this is not your greasy diner grilled cheese.  There are specialty breads (including gluten free!) and of course their gourmet cheese that melts so smoothly.

The thing that made them famous is here:

The grilled cheese donut.  Now this is not a sweet glazed bakery donut.  The flavor to me was much less sweet and reminded me more of french toast.  So with the savory and sweet mix of cheese and fruit it was much more like a brunch type treat in my opinion.  The sugar overload I was expecting didn't happen, and the biggest reaction from me was -- with amazing ingredients, I LOVE grilled cheese.

I didn't even write anything up on the soups because I spent more time just savoring that one.  Creamy tomato is my all-time comfort food when I'm sick so I really wanted to take time to test their soup to see how it stacked up to my old stand-by.  My conclusion was that I'm really sad I didn't know about this place until now.  Our sick bodies would have appreciated that place so much.  It is made fresh there in the store and you can taste and feel it as it goes down.  Especially the fresh onion and garlic that is so soothing and healing to a sick throat.

Anyway, I've written enough that now I want to drive right back for more soup.  And my intention in writing this wasn't to make myself slobber :), it was to give stuff away!  I want you to go try Tom and Chee for yourself!  

I've got stacks of these cards to get you fully addicted to this place!  Its a $50 value.  Enter today!

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