Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Staining the Banister

Okay, so we've roughed up this banister and stair rail a time or two, trying to get to the look we are going for.

Eventually we dropped it, since we knew we were a long ways from getting the iron balusters we had in mind.

Fast forward two years--the balusters are HERE in our garage, waiting for their new life along our stairs.  So...we had to get movin' and thankfully all the time of waiting to buy supplies helped us solidify in our minds the color and finish we were going for.

We went with a gel stain (color: dark walnut) and the finish looks great.  My goal today is drag myself out into the world (I'm having a lot of anxiety lately) and purchase the spray lacquer and prepare the areas with drop cloths for when my man comes home to finish his wood finish :).

***Hint for later--the stain color corresponds gorgeously with the tile we ordered.  That I cannot wait to show you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{for the love of} Concrete Counters

I'm pretty excited that we will be trying something new in this house.  Well, a lot of something news, but concrete counters are pretty cutting edge for us.  I'm so excited.  First we have floor tile to tackle (A LOT of it).  But eventually we'll be diving in to kitchen details, so I sought out some visual inspiration.

Don't you LOVE the natural graining?

Love the rough edges

Earthy color

Contemporary Kitchen by Philadelphia Design-Build Firms Craftwork

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Closet Crates

We felt very lucky to have built in shelves in all of the closets when we moved in.  We painted them a glossy (easy to clean) color and have tried to make use of them.  With little kids its never been very organized, and I racked my brain for a method to fix that.  None of my ideas sounded good...tiny little labels from a label maker stuck on the bottom shelf? No....


 So Casey (inspired by the plans of Ana White's) decided to make these crates.  I've been seeing the ones they sell at craft stores all over the place, used for all kinds of things.  To maximize the space in the closets he made them custom sizes for each one.  Each closet has different widths of shelves and some even in each closet are different heights.

So a bulk of this project was gathering those measurements and planning what and how much wood to buy.  Casey takes his time, and the project he's done the planning on for awhile began to take shape today.

We chose chalkboard painted fronts and backs for labeling.  I really like the opportunity to change the labels over time as the types of things the kids want kept in their crates changes over the years.  It'll take time to figure out what combinations (socks and undies or jammies and quilts?) go best together and take up the right amount of room.  So we'll keep a chalk eraser handy :).

Here is Casey in his "workshop."  He's got his saw, tool, and assembling pattern all lined up.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the kids talking outside.  He'd set them up to help by painting the chalkboard ends.  I'll admit a few of them have a few more paint drippings than others, but the look of delight at being involved was so worth it.  And honestly seeing them all together now I think it was a great idea for him to let the kids get those started.

Having a family project is one of my favorite feelings in the world.  Second favorite?  The organization in one of my daughter's room (since hers are all done now) that's gonna make putting away laundry way easier for her and I.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Saying Goodbye

A few weeks ago we went to a house we used to own, to clean and remodel and ready it for sale.  7 years of renters took its toll, but the place was better than we expected.

In fact we tore down that back fence you can see and built a new one, but other than that the repairs were quite minor.

It's the end of an era for us.  It was our very first mortgage, first time building and first home of our own we brought a baby home to (#2).  You were good to us Marengo Lane.


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